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The Prestigious Society Air Suspension Controller is a "plug and play" control module that allows users to control and adjust of the factory equipped air suspension system. The controller integrates with the factory air suspension system and allows users to adjust the vehicle ride height at his or her finger tips. The state of the art controller has an illuminated LCD panel to display the settings of your air suspension system. It has two raising modes and eight lowering modes to either raise or lower the vehicle. The controller also conveniently provides 3 to 5 memory settings so one can easily select a pre-set ride height upon setting up the controller. Includes wired controller* with LCD screen, wiring harnesses and detailed installation instructions.

  • 100% made in Japan.

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* WARNING!:  The Controller is NOT intended for use, and should not be used, by the driver while the vehicle is in motion.  Use of the module by the driver while the vehicle is in motion may result in serious injuries and/or death to the driver or other occupants or other unspecified damages.