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The Prestigious Society “plug and play” Navigation and Video Enhancement Module is a passive and non-obtrusive OEM vehicle enhancement designed to bypass all the system motion lockouts associated with the factory navigation and entertainment systems.  The module allows freedom of accessing navigation system and DVD/Video (entertainment System) by the occupants of the car while the vehicle is in motion.*

Key features:

  • Enter and edit destinations
  • Enter and edit Points of Interests (POIs)
  • Browse the phone and address book
  • Dial phone numbers on the numeric keypad
  • Browse music folders and playlists from MP3 discs and/or HDD audio sources.
  • Access Infotainment System (i.e. Bing, Pandora, OpenTable and etc.)

Features and controls that are normally available when your vehicle is in the “Park” position become available while the vehicle is in motion, when the module is activated. The DVD/Video enhancement features built into our module are designed to enable video playback for passengers. If your vehicle is equipped with factory or aftermarket DVD/Video option, the DVD/Video enhancement will unlock the video controls on the center console screen while the vehicle is in motion***.  Includes “plug and play” enhancement module*, wired remote**, wiring harnesses and detailed installation instructions.

  • 100% Made in Japan

Please visit our FAQ page to find out more commonly asked questions!

* WARNING!:  The module is NOT intended for use, and should not be used, by the driver while the vehicle is in motion.  Use of the module by the driver while the vehicle is in motion may result in serious injuries and/or death to the driver or other occupants or other unspecified damages.

** Wired remote/switch for selected makes, year and models.

*** For DVD/video enhancement feature, the vehicle navigation screen must be able to display video while the vehicle is stopped and parking brake is engaged.