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Rear Camera Controller is a passive and non-obtrusive factory camera enhancement designed to allow user to access the factory installed back up camera while in motion*. It provides peace of mind particularly when towing objects behind the vehicle.

Key feature:

  • Access factory installed back up camera at any time
  • 100% plug and play

Parts included:

  • Main Unit: (L) 1½ in. x (W) ¾ in. x (H) ½ in.
  • Factory Connectors/Harnesses
  • Wired Switch with LED Illumination: (L) 1.4cm x (W) 1.7cm x (H) 0.6cm
  • Installation Instruction/Manual

100% Made in Japan

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* WARNING!:  The system is NOT intended for use, and should not be used, by the driver while the vehicle is in motion.  Use of the controller by the driver while the vehicle is in motion may result in serious injuries and/or death to the driver or other occupants or other unspecified damages.